Conferencing Services

Global Meet™ Reservationless Audio Conferencing

GlobalMeet™ is the latest technology for international conferencing from Premiere Global Services™ (PGi). It's reservationless which means you do not need to schedule a call with us in advance. Just decide when you want to hold the call, let all the participants know, then dial in at the time you specified. The local access cities listed below show where Premiere has local dial in numbers. They cover most major business hubs around the world. All other locations can use International Toll Free Service (ITFS) numbers to dial in.

Country /minute Local Access*
Argentina $0.50  
Bahamas $0.75  
Brazil $0.35  
Canada $0.09 Canadian TF
Chile $0.35  
Columbia $0.75  
Costa Rica $0.75  
Dom. Republic $0.75  
Ecuador $0.75  
Mexico $0.50  
Panama $0.75  
Trinidad & Tobago $0.75  
United States $0.09 US Toll Free
Uruguay $0.50  
Venezuela $0.75  
All prices are /minute/line connected to the call

Asia Pacific
Country /minute Local Access*
Australia $0.30 Sydney
Australia $0.35  
China $0.30 Hong Kong
China $0.75  
Hong Kong $0.35  
India $0.50  
Indonesia $0.50  
Japan $0.30 Tokyo
Japan $0.50  
Malaysia $0.35  
New Zealand $0.35  
Singapore $0.30 Singapore
Singapore $0.35  
South Korea $0.35  
Thailand $0.75  
All prices are /minute/line connected to the call
Europe - Middle East - Africa
Country /minute Local Access*
Austria $0.24 Vienna
Austria $0.35  
Belgium $0.24 Brussels
Belgium $0.35  
Czech Rep. $0.50  
Denmark $0.24 Copenhagen
Denmark $0.35  
England $0.12 London
France $0.12 Paris
France $0.35  
Germany $0.12 Frankfurt
Germany $0.35  
Greece $0.50  
Hungary $0.35  
Ireland $0.24 Dublin
Ireland $0.75  
Israel $0.35  
Italy $0.24 Turin
Italy $0.24 Milan
Italy $0.24 Rome
Italy $0.75  
Latvia $0.50  
Lithuania $0.75  
Luxembourg $0.35  
Monaco $0.35  
Netherlands $0.24 Amsterdam
Netherlands $0.35  
Norway $0.50  
Poland $0.35  
Portugal $0.24 Lisbon
Portugal $0.50  
Russia $0.50  
Slovenia $0.50  
South Africa $0.75  
Spain $0.24 Madrid
Spain $0.24 Barcelona
Spain $0.24 Valencia
Spain $0.50  
Sweden $0.24 Stockholm
Sweden $0.50  
Switzerland $0.24 Zurich
Switzerland $0.24 Geneva
Switzerland $0.35  
United Kingdom $0.35  
All prices are /minute/line connected to the call

* Local access only available in the selected cities as noted above. All other prices refer to International Toll Free Service (ITFS) dial in. Prices include both conferencing and access costs. You will get all access numbers delivered in your welcome package. US moderator dial-out to US numbers is available.

PremiereCall™ Scheduled Audio Conferencing

PremiereCall™ from Premiere Global Services™ is a scheduled, or operator-assisted conferencing service. You call Premiere Operator Services and they will set up everything for you at the time you specify. They handle all the details. There are several options to get participants on the line (see below). It costs a little more than the reservationless GlobalMeet™ service but you have an operator who handles everything. This service is a must on very large calls (more that 125). It's great for investor relations calls or human resources all-hands meetings. Being a full service vendor that services the majority of Fortune 500 companies, Premiere can do it all. There are many service available not shown here. Please contact us is you have special requirements.

PremiereCall™ – International Operator-Assisted Conferencing
Service US/Canada
Toll Free
Dials Out to
Dial Outs
Dial In
Auditorium $0.16 $0.19 $0.19 Call for Prices Call for Prices Passode Dial In
Connection $0.18 $0.21 $0.21 Call for Prices Call for Prices For Smaller Calls <30
Event $0.22 $0.25 $0.25 Call for Prices Call for Prices For Larger Calls >50
All prices are /minute/line connected to the call

Web Conferencing

We offer three options in Web Conferencing. They range from simple "presentation slides only" to full featured "market leader" services. It's your choice as to which one you want to use. ReadyConference™ Web is the low cost option which is fully integrated with GlobalMeet™ audio conferencing. Select it if you only need to show presentation slides. Netspoke™ is our full featured yet lower priced alternative. Netspoke™ has many of the features of the top brands but saves you money. If you need the top of the line, it's ReadyCast™, which is Premiere's full installation of Webex Meeting Center™ Professional, with all Webex™ features. Both Netspoke and ReadyCast (Webex™) offer web conference recording with combined audio and images. For very large web conferencing groups we also offer VisionCast™ which is Premiere's installation of MS LiveMeeting™. Call for pricing.

International Web Conferencing Services
Service /minute Features Description
Netspoke™ $0.15 Full Premiere's Netspoke - low cost, powerful
ReadyConference Web™ $0.07 Slides Only Premiere's low cost way to present slides
ReadyCast™ $0.21 Full Webex™ – Market Leader, Meeting Center Product
All prices are /minute/line connected to the call