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GlobalMeet™ - Reservationless

GobalMeet™ is the latest technology for reservationless international conference calls. It's a business-class service used by many of the Fortune 500 and thousands of smaller businesses around the world. Built specifically with the latest VOIP routing over Premiere's private IP network, it delivers clear voice quality and reliable performance. It is the most secure way to hold an international conference call. It features realtime online controls and keypad controls for convenient call management wherever you are. Record your conference call. Create your own custom greeting for callers, "Welcome to the XYZ Company's weekly staff meeting." It is accessible through almost any phone, anywhere in the world. Participants dial one of Premiere's local numbers available in major international cities or, if located elsewhere, they simply dial an International Toll Free (ITFS) number. The US and Canada connect via toll free numbers. Global Meet™ is fully integrated with Premiere's extensive web conferencing services so it all works together. There is only one vendor to call when you have a problem: Premiere. Wrap it all up with 1-4-U Conference Call's low reseller pricing and you have something your company can really count on for quality and savings.

PremiereCall™ - Scheduled


The PremiereCall product is a group of scheduled “operator assisted” conferencing services. These calls must be set up in advance with Premiere's friendly operations group. It's easy to set up with a single call to Premiere. After that, an operator helps with many/all aspects of the preparation and conduct of the call. Surprisingly, the cost is not a whole lot more than reservationless. People use this service on large calls, when they need the help of a professional operator, or if they just want the convenience or special services that an operator-assisted call can provide. Typical uses are: press and investor relations calls, company-wide employee conference calls, external product research or focus groups, and legal and court proceedings. But it can be used for anything. There are three products in the PremereCall line up: PremiereCall Connection™ is for smaller meetings with up to 30 participants. PremiereCall Auditorium™ provides easy passcode dial-in for participants and can handle up to 1000 participants. Finally, PremiereCall Event™ is full service conferencing with your personal, dedicated event manager who handles everything for you. There are so many options and features with this service, let's just say Premiere can satisfy the most demanding requirements. When you want professional help with your call, choose from this product group. It is all available once you establish a Premiere account through us. As always, you only pay for what you use.




Netspoke™ is a powerful, lower cost web conferencing product owned and developed by Premiere. It has many of the features of the major brands and is fully integrated with Premiere's GlobalMeet™ audio conferencing service. Here's a quick flyby of the features: One click start, recordings of combined audio & web conference, document collaboration, virtual white board, shared PowerPoint™, file transfer, application sharing, live help, chat, Q&A, web tour, polling, video feed of presenter, SSL encryption, audio host controls, firewall friendly, supports Internet Explorer™ and Mozilla Firefox™. Supports conferences up to 125 participants. The Netspoke™ online portal provides: quick scheduling with HTML email invitations, conference registration, your company branding, evaluation surveys, your content library of material, and online reporting. It's a great service for international web conferencing.



ReadyCast™ (Webex™)

Webex™ is the top-of-the-line for web conferencing. It has garnered over 60% of the web conferencing market. Many people just won't use anything else. We offer the Webex™ fully integrated with GlobalMeet™ audio conferencing. With these two powerhouses working together, you have the best in web conferencing. The extensive features are unmatched. Just look at what it can do: automated meeting management, application view & sharing, desktop sharing and desktop transfer, file transfer, whiteboarding, annotation tools, web tours, entry/exit notification, chat, messaging, multipoint live video, recording, edit and playback, cross-platform Windows™, Mac™, Linux™, Solaris™ support, instant scheduling, audio controls like mute/unmute, custom greeings, and much more.

ReadyConference™ Web

ReadyConference™ Web is the simple way to make slide presentations during a conference call. When used with GlobalMeet™, you have international web conferencing at you fingertips. There is no complex training needed because you manage your entire meeting through intuitive phone or web audio controls. Participants join meetings with one-click entry via email invitation web link. The presenter control panel lets you manage everything from your desktop. Just look at these features: presenter controls to navigate through your presentation, annotation tools for circling, highlighting, etc., presentation file management (load, delete, etc.), full animation support, collapsable audio management window allows control of participant's calls (like mute/unmute), display your slide notes as needed, last minute invitations can be sent even during the presentation, and “*0” for live support 24/7. There is plenty of feedback for both the moderator and participants to stay informed: active talker Icon identifies who’s speaking, icons indicate if a participant has joined by web or phone, and chat ”raise hand” controls allow participants to communicate with presenter. It's all here for people who like to communicate with slide presentations, and who doesn't? Low cost, quick, simple, and international: that's ReadyConference™ Web.