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International conferencing may be just the right business tool for your growing international business. Are you still using a confusing mix of email, phone calls, faxes, messaging and mail to communicate with your international offices, partners, contractors, suppliers or remote employees? Does your current conferencing company either lack international services altogether or charge you excessive rates for international conference calls when you do make them? Are you trying to adapt by using internet software packages and finding them very limited, inflexible and with poor audio quality? Say goodbye to all these problems forever.

We offer easy to use, cost effective, clear audio and web conferencing services with real customer service---all at highly discounted prices. Furthermore it's available almost anywhere in the world. This is professional service designed just for business. It's perfect for corporate conference calls, analysts calls, global business conferencing, all-hands HR meetings, investor relations conference calls, technology project meetings, green conferencing,  and attorney/court conference calls. Anytime you need to present, collaborate, or manage, this great business service is ready from one of world's largest independent conferencing providers: Premiere Global Services (NYSE: PGI). They service over 70% of the Fortune 500 plus 50,000+ smaller firms so they can handle the most demanding business requirements, from enterprise-level to small business. Being a global company, Premiere can handle accounts from most parts of the world. If you are a company located in Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Canada, or the US, please consider us for your conferencing services provider.

1-4-U Conference Call™ (this is our site) is part of Premiere's largest reseller group. We only sell Premiere. We can offer these great services to you at exceptional prices on the most popular business products. Imagine, Premiere's quality services at a substantial discount. Unlike many discounters today, we like to discount something truly worth having: Premiere Conferencing™ Services. When you are ready to make that important decision of selecting a conferencing provider, think of our specialty site and point your browser to Consider joining the thousands of companies worldwide who enjoy Premiere's unique international service.

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GlobalMeet™ works like most audio conferencing services you are familiar with, except it's completely international. You will feel right at home: dial a number, enter your permanent code number and you are connected to the call. US/Canadian callers dial toll free. International callers have two options: dial a local number (see list on right) or dial an international toll free (ITS) number, if a local number is not available. Coverage is nearly universal. Check our pricing page for a complete list.

See that mobile phone in your hand? With our GlobalMeet™ service it becomes an instant meeting room, no matter where you are in the world. Your associates, partners, clients and customers can join the call from almost anywhere. It's all reservationless, no need to pre-schedule unless you want to. The controls? They are right there in your hand. Your phone's keypad is all you need to manage the call. GlobalMeet™ turns your cell phone into a powerful business tool that sets you free.

Premiere Global Services™ designs and builds their own cutting-edge conferencing equipment. They build out and manage their own worldwide network. Every aspect of their system is designed and monitored to provide a secure environment for your call. For over 20 years, Premiere has built a solid system and a substantial company (NYSE: PGI). In today's world, you need someone you can count on: someone you know will be there when you need them. That's Premiere.

International Web Conferencing Revealed

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Web conferencing is naturally international. It shows you visual images through your internet browser. Slides, spreadsheets, and web sites can all be viewed by everyone connected to your web conferencing event. People anywhere in the world can login to your web conference call, using any browser, and see what you are presenting. It's truly borderless, because the public internet is universal. But web conferencing is kind of useless if your participants can't hear what you are saying while you present those great visuals. To be useful, web conferencing requires the audio to be synchronized with the visuals you are showing. Web conferencing is composed of web visuals plus the speaker's voice audio. They need to be integrated for effective international web conferencing.

Today there are two basic ways of delivering audio with web conferencing: (1) use the international telephone system to set up a separate voice conference call, i.e., participants hear through their phone while looking at a browser window on their computer, or (2) stream the audio through the internet connection (VOIP) along with the visuals, i.e, participants sit in front of a laptop or desktop computer to hear and see, no phone connection is necessary.

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at the four main areas to consider:

Privacy: You are sitting in an airport terminal and you login to a web conference. If the audio is coming from your computer, everyone in the terminal will hear what your call is about unless you have a headset on. A phone connection is private. A phone naturally protects the callers privacy.

Coverage: Almost everyone has access to a phone. Last year, over 800 million mobile phones were sold in the world. They all use the public telephone system. It's a truly universal voice audio system. If you stream the audio through the internet, how do you get the audio if there is not an internet connection?

Quality: The internet can be used for many things but it's not quite ready to replace the global telephone system. Someday it will, but not yet. The international long distance phone system is ok, but somewhat fragmented because so many different phone company switches must be used to connect a call. Both systems work, but have their drawbacks for interactive voice audio.

Flexibility: Here the internet really shines. The phone system is designed for interactive audio, not images. The world wide web (WWW) was designed for images and streaming audio (it's not that good at interactive audio ...yet). Nothing beats the internet for image processing. Its ability to add new integrated services is unmatched.

As you can see, the telephone system and the internet both have their advantages and disadvantages. So what can be done to make the best use of these for web conferencing? Premiere has done it. GlobalMeet™ is their answer. Premiere has established connection centers in major business hubs around the world. When a participant dials Premiere's local number (in Tokyo for example), the call is routed through the local phone system to Premiere's system in in that city. Then it's converted to a VOIP (internet) signal and routed directly through Premiere's private IP network to Premiere's conferencing bridges. The bridge connects all the callers so they can all hear each other clearly.

Advantages: Let's look at all the advantages of GlobalMeet™ when used for an international web conference:
  • Phone-based Audio: Your caller uses a phone for for the audio portion of your web conference. Everyone has a phone. A phone is private. A phone is designed for interactive voice communications. If it's a mobile phone, they have it with them all the time. It's very convenient for participants to use their phone. It's truly personal and accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Local Connections: When an international participant joins your conference call, they make a local call to reach Premiere's equipment. Your participant feels comfortable dialing a local number.
  • Private Network: The call is routed through Premiere's private IP network, avoiding all of the intervening phone companies' separate networks. Premiere has control of this network to ensure quality, privacy. Result? Clear, reliable connections.
Integrated Web Conferencing Products:

Imagine you have this great international audio conferencing system fully integrated with a whole range of great web conferencing packages. You get to select which one you use because you have a Premiere account. Let's look at the line up:

Webex™ (Premiere's installation is called ReadyCast™)

Here is the market leader with over 60% of the web conferencing market. Premiere has fully integrated it with GlobalMeet™ so you get the best of everything. Premiere maintains its own full version of Webex™ Meeting Center™ and Premiere provides all the support for both GlobalMeet™ and Webex™. Need help? You call just one customer support number for everything: Premiere.


Netspoke is a major web conferencing product that Premiere owns. Netspokeis a full-featured web conferencing system, but less expensive. It's for those that don't quite need the full functionality of the top brands, but still want a powerful, yet economical system.

ReadyConference™ Web

When you just want to present some Powerpoint™ slides, this is the one to pick. It's easy to operate and does one job very well. Upload as many slide presentations as you like and keep them available for that quick call. You get a single browser-accessible screen to manage your audio connections and advance your slides in real time. It's a really handy tool and very affordable.

Now you know why international web conferencing can be difficult and how Premiere developed a fully integrated web and audio solution. To make international conference calling as simple for you as possible, they have accomplished some extraordinary technical feats. It's all available to you at our discount rates. Should you decide to sign up with us, you can usually start conferencing within one business day. We invite you to sign up through us and enjoy these great services with our low pricing.

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